Hello TherE, I’m MOXI

Moxi is a friendly AI healthcare robot that serves as a vital supporting member of healthcare professional teams by conducting the team’s non-patient facing logistical tasks, so the staff has more time to focus on patient care.

We were inspired to create Moxi to help support clinical staff members in hospitals with their fast paced and demanding roles. Clinical staff balance patient care with massive loads of manual logistical responsibilities, such as fetching and restocking supplies or setting up patient rooms for new admissions. With an extra hand from Moxi, who autonomously completes those manual logistical tasks end-to-end without assistance, clinical staff focus on what they want to do and what they, as caring human beings, are best at: direct patient care.



Moxi supports clinical staff as a valued, trusted and vital member of the team by giving staff more time for direct patient care while it completes the team’s logistical task responsibilities.

Moxi Waist Up, Looking to Side.jpg


Moxi’s nodes of expression include its indicative movements by its LED eyes and head allowing Moxi to clearly and purposefully communicate what its doing so people feel comfortable.

Moxi Standing (2).jpg
Moxi Sideways.jpg
Moxi Waist Up (5).jpg


Moxi’s autonomous AI mapping and mobile base allow it to quickly and efficiently execute end-to-end tasks without assistance.


Moxi’s sensors help it intelligently navigate all spatial areas such as small hallways. Moxi meets all hospital standards for health safety and infection control.


Moxi’s flexible arm and precise gripper efficiently work in common hospital environments including those with high shelves and varying sized supplies.