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Our vision is to transform
the meaning of “work.”


Current meaning of “work” (according to Merriam Webster)

definition: to perform a task requiring sustained effort or repeated operations
synonyms: labor, chore, toil, exertion, slog, drudgery, sweat of one’s brow, grind


Future meaning of “work” (according to us)

definition: to do something you love and utilize your creativity to make a positive impact
synonyms: creativity, imagination, innovation, inspiration, ingenuity, passion


About Us


We’re an A.I. company creating robot assistants that help people with chores so people can focus on work they care most about. With a founding team of social robotics experts, our robots feature mobile manipulation, social intelligence and human-guided learning capabilities. Moxi is our hospital robot assistant that helps clinical staff with non-patient-facing tasks so they have more time for patient care.


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Head of Design

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Head of Clinical Integrations


 Our Team


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Director of Sales and Business Development, Texas Market
Location: Austin, Texas