People should do work they care most about.

Robots can do the rest.

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We create robot assistants that assist people with chores so they can focus on the work they care most about.

Moxi is our hospital robot assistant that helps clinical teams with their routine, non-patient facing tasks so they have more time for patient care.

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Enhancing, not replacing, human jobs

We want clinical staff to have more time to take care of patients (providing comfort, connection, analytical thinking) not doing the busy work away from the bedside.

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Social robotics is the future.

Our robot assistants support people operating in dynamic, semi-structured environments. They’re able to do this through an A.I. framework that includes social intelligence, mobile manipulation and human-guided learning.

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Reduction of nurse burnout is the primary mission of Moxi.
— Venturebeat
Moxi takes over some of the grunt work that distracts nurses from patient care
— ZDNet
By reducing trips by nurses to supply rooms, Moxi can free up nursing staff for other duties.

Imagine work and life without chores.